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Exercise is the single most important thing we can do to improve our ability to walk and carry out other daily activities

About ComeBACK

ComeBACK is a research trial investigating the impact of two intervention programs on the physical activity levels of adults with self-reported walking difficulties.

ComeBACK participants will receive support to be more active. This will involve access to a website and printed booklet and may also involve phone coaching or text messages.

The study researchers are based at the University of Sydney in collaboration with researchers and clinicians in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. The ComeBACK study has been approved by relevant ethics committees. 

There are many great reasons to take part in this study:

• Improve your ability and confidence in moving

• Help you to be steadier on your feet

• Make it easier to get out and about, see friends
and family and be involved in the community

• Improve your mood, energy and sleep

• Reduce aches and pain and manage arthritis

• Help manage weight

• Help to manage or avoid other health conditions
such as diabetes and heart disease

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